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Product Description

Elevated skin penetration serum made of Voluform, Hyaluronic Acid, Stem Cells and Tocopherol, acting on skin volume and tone, redefining the oval shape of the face and refilling expression wrinkles.


ACTIVE PRINCIPLES Vitamin E It makes an important antioxidant action stopping the harmful effect of free radicals on cells. It protects the collagen structure and preserves the skin elasticity contrasting the early aging due to the oxidant stress: free radicals are due to the sunrays, smoke and pollution; they deteriorate the essential fatty acids that live in the skin, altering the collagen structure. The skin lost its elasticity, tone and the wrinkles come out. Phito-Stem Cells Meristematic – Phyto-Stem of grape berries, rich in Polyphenols, which stimulate the natural cells ability to regenerate and repair themselves after being damaged by the oxidant stress.

This ability fades as the years go by. Hyaluronic Acid it is one of the main components of connective tissue, it make the skin more resistant and firm. It stimulates the production of new collagen and connective tissue, tightening an elevated number of water molecules to the skin cells, increasing the cohesion between them, giving firmness, turgidity and filling the expression wrinkles. Syn Ake Reptile’s venom derived peptide; it reduces the muscle contraction of the facial mimicry, relieving the expression wrinkles, the same of the botulin toxin. It sooths, revitalizes and hydrates in depth regenerating the skin. It is a great ally against tiredness and gives an immediate tension effect. Peptide derivato da veleno di rettile, Riduce le contrazioni muscolari della mimica facciale alleviando le rughe di espressione, come la tossina botulinica. Distende, rivitalizza, illumina e idrata in profondità rigenerando l’epidermide. Ottimo alleato contro la stanchezza dona un immediato effetto tensore.

Voluform™ Essential amino acid with an elevated skin penetration index. It is known for its capacity of supporting the healing of tissues and skin vital proteins. It directly acts on the cell that guarantees volume and tone to the dermis, strengthening the fibroblasts and improving the contraction force. VOLUFORM ™ is a natural alternative to lipofilling since it has the capacity to fill in wrinkles and remold the cheeks volume, giving a lifting effect. It ameliorates the skin elasticity.

Way of use

Apply a small amount of product on the affected area with a light massage until completely absorbed. Use with diathermic treatment devices: apply a small amount of product on the desired area and treat with the hand piece.