Mesotherapy. What is it?

Mesotherapy. What is it?

Mesotherapy is an excellent treatment to rejuvenate, firm, tone and slim different parts of the body. It is also used to help reduce cellulite, to promote weight loss, to treat stretch marks, ageing skin and to firm up sagging skin.

The treatment involves non-invasive procedures or injecting a cocktail of natural extracts, as well as amino acids, pharmaceuticals and vitamins into the middle layers of the skin. This is done to promote local circulation, local metabolism and hence it leads to localized fat loss, skin firmness and a substantive reduction of cellulite.

Localized Fat Loss Mesotheray

Mesotherapy can be used for the face as well as for hand and neck rejuvenation with excellent results by improving elasticity, skin tone, fillers and the appearance of the neck and decolletage.

Following the treatment, wrinkles are markedly and visibly reduced; the elasticity and tone of the skin is naturally restored; the results are visible immediately. 

Anti-Aging Mesotherapy

We highly recommend making researches and learn as much as possible about those treatments, products, and its safety procedures, as explained by professionals.

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