Anti-Age Synergy Collagen Vitamin E

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Special anti-aging synergy for mature skin. The high concentration active herbal ingredients protect cell membranes from free radicals. They stimulate the production of collagen and elastin; activate the microcirculation, improving the oxygenation of the tissues.


VITAMIN E: Tocopherol, antioxidant, anti-radical, protects the lipids of cell membranes attacked by pollution, UV rays, smoke, natural skin aging, thus preserving the collagen unchanged, supporting structure of the dermis. The skin remains so toned and elastic preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Its distinctly protective action, gives it a role of primary importance in the prevention of skin aging.

GUARANA: The fruits of the Paullinia Cupana, an Amazonian plant, also called "fruits of youth", contain polyphenolic substances with a stimulating and antioxidant activity. In particular, the tannins exert an anti-aging action on the body cells, while caffeine stimulates the circulation, improving the oxygenation of the tissues and the production of collagen and elasticity. Scientific studies have shown that the extracts of guarana prevent the oxidation of body fat, thus counteracting the harmful activity of free radicals, with significant benefits for the health of the skin.

COLLAGEN: A fundamental molecule for the health of connective tissue. It provides the skin with an important hydration, improving its taper and elasticity.

GINSENG: Phytoestrogens, contained in the Ginseng extract, stimulate the production of fibroblasts and increase the production of collagen. The result is an immediate anti-wrinkle, firming and remodeling effect. The skin tissue is tonic, elastic and rejuvenated.



Way of use

It can be used pure, in modest quantities with a delicate massage on the face, neck and décolleté or mixed with other products of the same Skin System professional cosmetic line to enhance its effectiveness.