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Normal skin & first wrinkles

Face cream with Argan Bío oil. Rich in tocopherol, vitamins and flavonoids, it contrasts skin aging and the harmful effects of free radicals. Easily conveyable, elasticizes, strengthens and protects the skin from the inside. Special first wrinkles. Suitable for all types of skin.


Tocopherol, an important antioxidant, counteracts the harmful effect of free radicals. In this special formulation, it results easily conveyable in the tissues, thus being able to supply quickly the nutritional intake necessary for the protection of the lipids of cell membranes, thus slowing down the physiological aging.

Retinol is indispensable for the maintenance and development of the connective structure of the dermis. Stimulates cell regeneration and the synthesis of collagen by carrying out an important action of preservation of the turgidity of the skin.

Organic Argan Oil has incredible antioxidant, emollient properties, moisturizing and strongly elasticizing. It is one of the most important oils for skin rejuvenation thanks to its richness of vitamins and fatty acids. Easily conveyable from the skin, reaches the layers deeper than the dermis, providing all the nourishment necessary for protect it from external aggression, fighting at the same time cracks and dryness of all kinds.